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More EPC Project Opportunities in China

The list below contains some capital projects you may find interesting. They are all approved and funded by government sources, and each one is seeking minority funding from private overseas investors. If you are interested in bidding on the EPC contracts, or if you...

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Where is the Trade War Headed?

What is the end game of the escalating trade war between the US and China? David Steven Jacoby's book "Trump, Trade and the End of Globalization:"  Explains the reasons behind the current trade warReveals the challenges of globalizationExplores alternative trade...

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Economic & Trade Policy Paper of the Month

David Steven Jacoby and the team at Boston Strategies International recently completed a policy study on clean energy value chains, which involved a comparison of the value added and levelized cost of energy for natural gas combined cycle, solar photovoltaic, wind and...

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Expert Witness Case of the Month

For 30 years, David Steven Jacoby has advised oil, gas, power, transportation, automotive, retail and legal clients in over 50 countries on procurement, contracting, and supply chains management. A five-time author on supply chain management, he has worked with...

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Editorial: Setting New Rules for World Trade

The current trade policy of the current U.S. administration is inflating U.S. costs and driving away longstanding trading partners while not changing the fundamental economics of trade or the Chinese government's protectionist approach to intellectual property. Trade...

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