GDPa Institute

The GDP-a Institute is the governing body for the GDP-a metric. 

We house a central global data set of 29 component metrics for more than 230 countries and principalities and 10 regions over 60 years.

We provide open data access to a Community of Practice through methodological forums covering economic methodologies, data architecture, principles, and statistical methods.

We facilitate debate about policy implications related to GDP-a.


The Institute is overseen by a global Advisory Board of financial, economic, government and business leaders.

Our Regional Directors assure regional quality and help us reach stakeholders in 12 geographic areas.

Our multinational core team refines the economic methodologies, conducts ongoing research, analyzes data, and is building data visualization tools.


    If you have questions, requests, ideas or opinions we would love to hear them. Please use the Contact form below or email us at


    1740 Broadway (Columbus Circle) New York, NY 10019
    Tel: +1 917 675 4840

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