GDPa Applications

Government Officials need GDP-a to set forward-looking policies.

  • Clean Power Plan
  • Green New Deal
  • Small Business Program Funding
  • Council on Environment, Energy & Water
  • Etc.

Foreign Investment agencies need GDP-a to rate the impact of alternative investments.

  • Industrial Strategy
  • Technology Champions
  • Investment Analysis
  • Trade Policy
  • Etc. 

Multilateral Institutions need GDP-a forecasts to build consensus among disparate interests.

  • Trade Agreements
  • Energy Policies
  • Cap and Trade Programs
  • Carbon Offsets and Reduction Schemes
  • Etc.

Government Agencies need GDP-a scenarios to craft impactful policies that promote jobs, social programs, and clean technologies.

  • Research Grants (e.g,. DOE and DARPA) 
  • Wealth & Income Taxation Policies
  • COVID-19 Relief Funding
  • Job Retraining Programs
  • Etc.


Politicians and Candidates for public office need GDP-a scenarios to develop positions and campaign platforms.

  • Legislation on Gig Work (e.g., AB-5)
  • Universal Basic Income
  • Medicare for All
  • College Tuition Reimbursement
  • Etc.

Think Tanks need GDP-a to quantify benefits of public investments

  • Infrastructure Projects
  • Public Private Investments
  • Energy Subsidies and Taxes
  • Head Start
  • Etc.
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