David Steven Jacoby

Your Products Have Become Commodities

No matter how sophisticated your products are, your manufactured products are becoming commodities as your competitors integrate manufactured products with services and information to deliver real-time intelligent systems that improve efficiency and effectiveness by orders of magnitude. They measure, monitor, and optimize conditions in the entire system (well beyond their products), which has provided them with a much higher potential price point compared to being “dumb” components. The winner will take market share from the others, and it’s already happening. You are either winning or losing at this game.

Due to the “tunnel vision” that limits most companies’ perspective, an outside vantage point is essential to developing and commercializing smart product-services-solutions. BSI’s approach starts with Value Analysis to determine where value is generated in the broader system in which your components operate. Then we do an External Market Scan to know which smart products your competitors have and are developing. Third, we assess your internal capabilities to determine where your current competences and resources (customers, organization, operational capabilities) can fill the gaps, and where you need to invest in new competencies. Fourth, we help you formulate a strategy for becoming Smarter, and quantify the benefit (ROI, NPV, and financial projections). Finally, we help you plan for implementation by developing an action plan, metrics, targets, and milestones.

BSI leverages its more than 30 years of experience consulting to the largest industrial manufacturing, energy, and supply chain leaders worldwide to help you develop and implement a killer strategy for increasing your value added in today’s competitive global market. You will enjoy higher profitability, delighted customers, marketing flexibility, and the capability to innovate more rapidly than ever before. Are you leading or lagging?



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