David Steven Jacoby

Trump Administration – What is the Current US Trade Policy?

The Trump administration’s trade policy is anything but Republican. From a conventional economic perspective it would seem isolationist and protectionist. Its coherence could lie in its support of superordinate political goals, such taming or reversing immigration from Mexico, engaging China against North Korea, and bolstering Saudi Arabia’s hegemony in the Middle East.

trump tradeWhat is the current US trade policy? For decades, even centuries, the US has had a trade doctrine. While the doctrine changed from time to time, the policy was predicated on economic principles and it was usually designed with engagement, multilateralism, global economic strength, and free markets in mind.

Perhaps the Trump administration has yet to reveal the intellectual blueprint underlying its diverse and varied trade stances. Maybe, the intent is to start from scratch in a new and better way. For analogues we could examine the coherence and roll-out approach of this administration’s foreign policy, communications strategy, and technology & innovation roadmap.

Keep an eye out for my upcoming book, which will peer under the covers of Trump’s trade policies, evaluate whether they will be effective or not, and map a trade policy path for today’s flat world.

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