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Based on research in our new book Reinventing the Energy Value Chain: Supply Chain Roadmaps for Digital Oilfields through Hydrogen Fuel Cells (PennWell Books, 2021), I have codified a proven roadmap for net zero operations.

The modular structure is outlined below. Preview some of my typical outputs by clicking on the Preview buttons in the blocks.

Course 1: Getting Started Mapping Your Pathway to Net Zero

Introducing the REVchain™ Program

How to Correctly Define the Key Roles and Responsibilities

How to Establish a Durable Governance Structure

How to Estimate the Time Horizon Required

How to Set a Feasible Project Schedule

Course 2: The Carbon Footprint Baseline

Introducing Carbon Footprint

How to Define Your Carbon Footprint Boundaries

How to Calculate the Baseline Carbon Footprint

How to Validate the Baseline Carbon Footprint

How to Estimate the CO2 Reduction Potential


Course 3: Net Zero Pathway Scope 1

Introducing the Scope 1 Module

How to Align Net Zero with the Business Strategy

How to Change the Mindset and  Lay a Foundation for Net Zero to Stick

How to Implement a Process with No Waste

How to Establish and Implement Net Zero Standards

Course 4: Net Zero Pathway Scope 2

Introducing the Scope 2 Module

How to Reduce Power Cost by Lowering Energy Intensity

How to Reduce Fuel Cost Through Transportation Optimization

How to Reduce Building Costs Through Green Design

How to Access Clean Energy Offsets and Credits

Course 5: Net Zero Pathway Scope 3

Introducing the Scope 3 Module

How to Design Products and Services to Minimize Lifecycle Carbon Footprint

How to Manage Product Lifecycles to Minimize CO2 Footprint

How to Structure a Supply Network that Minimizes CO2

How to Incentivize Supplier and Stakeholder Collaboration

Course 6: The Net Zero Plan

Sizing the CO2 Take-out Opportunity

Evaluating the Revenue and Operating Cost Impact

Evaluating the Capex and ROI

Documenting the Plan





Align Your Team, from Carbon Footprint Measurement through Successful Pilot Program Implementation and Roll-out Planning.


Supply Chain Transformation Pioneer

Energy Technology Expertise

Project Management 


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