David Steven Jacoby

Project Examples


  • Strategy Consulting: Developed a strategy for the maintenance & repair business of a European aircraft engine manufacturer, and evaluated international multimodal transportation products for multiple transportation companies, including whether or not to enter freight markets in Europe.
  • Policy Analysis: Developed a methodology to help the US Department of Transportation account for supply chain benefits of large-scale infrastructure projects. By using the ‘supply chain benefits’ method, the US would approve more capex for large-scale projects.
  • Custom Thought Leadership: Researched, analyzed, and wrote thought supply chain-driven leadership papers for clients such as SAP, Microsoft, and Cisco, including The New Face of Purchasing; RFID Comes of Age; Chinese Third-Party Logistics Market Forecast; and Unleashing the Power of Customer Data.
  • Speaking and Writing: Defined 4 core supply chain strategies in my book Guide to Supply Chain Management (The Economist), and presented at strategic supply chain issues at dozens of conferences such as RFID World.



  • Operations Consulting: Identified and supported the transfer of best practices in just-in-time production, materials management, maintenance, and material utilization across 16 metal stamping plants for an auto maker.
  • Training & Education: Taught graduate level operations management at Boston University.
  • Software Development: Developed and implemented software applications for logistics service providers and manufacturers, including a custom cross-dock application for a 3PL.
  • Benchmarking: Co-managed a Benchmarking Center of Excellence in A.T. Kearney’s Paris office that encompassed hundreds of European companies.
  • Best Practice Assessments: Conducted dozens of “best practices” studies in purchasing, manufacturing, transportation, maintenance, logistics, finance, marketing, IT, and other functions.



  • Negotiation: Negotiated contracts in a multi-round centralized procurement process that led to 22% savings on external expenditure for an electric and gas utility’s external expenditure such as pipes, valves, fittings, and specialized vehicles.
  • Contracting: Developed best-in-class contract templates for EPC contracts, JV agreements, I.P. agreements, construction contracts, maintenance agreements, and others, and over 1200 procurement, quality, and project management procedures.
  • Strategic & Global Sourcing: Managed a strategic sourcing program for chemicals, parts, and other categories of purchased equipment and services for a minerals processing company. Focused on the “bottleneck” categories where competitive bidding was difficult or impossible. Also designed and implemented key aspects of a global sourcing program for an automaker in Brazil.
  • Category Management: Cut costs of Transportation, Logistics, Lab Supplies, IT, Facilities, Energy, Printing, and HR Services through spend analysis, supplier identification, sourcing strategy formulation, RFI/RFP/RFQ, negotiation, and implementation of the onboarding of new suppliers.
  • Vendor Management: Developed and optimized a vendor management program for an airline. Managed a sequence of projects to improve demand forecasting, process streamlining, and planning and scheduling of outsourced maintenance activities.



  • Network Design. Implemented a redesigned store logistics process, improving cash-flow and decreasing stock-outs and markdowns for a French retail chain. Conducted a series of detailed pilot programs.
  • Rate Negotiation. Analyzed transportation rates and identified savings opportunities for shippers of chemicals, forest products, food products, and for 3PLs. Prepared and delivered negotiating workshops.
  • Process Optimization. Managed process improvement, and reengineering projects at rail and intermodal carriers, auto makers, distributors and logistics service providers related to planning, scheduling, materials management, and infrastructure development.
  • Transformation: Re-engineered the order fulfillment process of CKD (completely-knocked-down) trucks for a vehicle maker in Brazil, reducing lead time by 30% and cost by 35%.
  • Software Development: Built decision support tools such as a freight data warehouse (for a railroad), a Return on Investment model (for a port), and a proprietary e-sourcing application in conjunction with companies such as Manhattan Associates, SAP, Ariba, SAS, MATLAB and Primavera.
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  • Oil & Gas: Led a team that identified savings equivalent to a 3.4% increase in total corporate EVA for a national oil company throughout a multi-year supply chain program that yielded a 7% reduction in corporate capital expenditures, throughput increases and lower inventory costs.
  • Solar: Led a team that analyzed the levelized cost of electricity for solar, wind, geothermal and combined cycle technologies for the government of Mexico.
  • Wind: Led a team that saved 13% on a $25 billion windfarm project. Designed a master supply chain strategy and procurement plan and sourcing plans for critical spend categories.
  • Energy Storage: Directed an energy storage strategy project for a solutions provider. The strategy identified 15 potential applications for storage technology to add value to power generators, transmission & distribution companies, and industrial users.



  • M&A: Assessed the business strategy, base case, forecast scenarios, and value of an Australasian railway, paving the way for its sale at the asking price.
  • Capital Investment Evaluation: Evaluated the financial viability of five multi-billion dollar capital projects for a Chinese freight logistics and passenger rail and ferry company, resulting in the decision to build a container train service, a harbor tunnel, and a high-volume switching yard.
  • Restructuring & Privatization: Helped prepare a Polish copper mine for successful privatization by constructing financials and reorganizing business units, rationalizing production, and optimizing supply chain activities to eliminate waste.
  • Capital Project Management: Optimized major capital project processes and procedures for five divisions of a multinational petrochemicals company.



  • Trade Data Analysis & Forecasting: Designed and built a subscription-based World Sea Trade Forecasting System for container shipping companies.
  • Trade Policy Analysis: Analyzed world trade and developed scenarios of isolationism, bilateralism, and neo-multilateralism for my book Trump, Trade, and the End of Globalization (Praeger/ABC-CLIO).
  • Comparative Advantage Evaluation: Analyzed the domestic resource cost of seven agricultural commodities in Tunisia (potatoes, oranges, olives, dates, hard wheat, soft wheat, and barley). Follow-on mission based on a successful USAID project in the same ministry.
  • Economic Impact Analysis: Conducted a trade and economic impact study that helped a Canadian railroad successfully secure government approvals to build a cross-border double-stack freight rail tunnel.


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