David Steven Jacoby

Expert Witness Case of the Month

For 30 years, David Steven Jacoby has advised oil, gas, power, transportation, automotive, retail and legal clients in over 50 countries on procurement, contracting, and supply chains management. A five-time author on supply chain management, he has worked with clients in the United States, Dubai, Sao Paulo, Hong Kong, Paris, and elsewhere. He also taught Operations Management at Boston University’s graduate business school, served as a contributing editor at the Economist Intelligence Unit, and consulted to the World Bank.    

Counsel frequently seeks out Mr. Jacoby to serve as a consultant and expert witness. His legal work typically focuses on these major areas:

  • Contract interpretation, contract administration, and contract dispute
  • Transfer pricing
  • Price manipulation
  • Monopoly pricing and market dominance
  • Procurement processes and best practices
  • Market economics
  • Logistics and transportation, including pipelines and terminals

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Thanks and Regards,

David Steven Jacoby
Global Supply Chain Management Consultant
Twitter: @dsjacoby


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