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Boston Strategies Targeting Significant Emission Reduction

b2ap3_thumbnail_BSI-Carbon-FootprintBSI has committed to reduce its carbon footprint per revenue dollar for fiscal year 2015 by 63%. This follows a 21% reduction in absolute carbon emission during 2014.

As a consulting firm we do not emit any carbon through manufacturing or conversion itself, which constitutes ‘Scope 1 emissions’ according to the standard guidelines of GHG Protocol for businesses developed jointly by World Resources Institute (WRI) and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). We do, however, occupy workspace and travel on airplanes (‘Scope 2 emissions’), and commute to work (‘Scope 3 emissions’).

We are reducing our footprint by increasing local staffing, ramping up the use of videoconferencing, and incentivizing low-carbon commuting and home officing. “Multi-local staffing is an initiative we’ve been pursuing for three years. Not only is it environmentally responsible, but it also helps to meet our clients’ local content goals.” explains David Jacoby, President.

“We’ve been working on videoconferencing since 2010, and after several generations of technology we feel that we have achieved a highly effective work mode,” adds Erik Halbert, Principal.  “Telecommuting is opening up flexible options for job candidates, which helps increase the overall caliber of our talent pool,” adds Alok Gupta, Senior Associate.

Our primary goal behind calculating our carbon footprint was to see how we are performing in our efforts towards mitigating the impacts of global warming. Accordingly, we set stricter targets for ourselves to further lower our footprint. Even though our business operations are growing every year, causing an upward pressure on footprint, we still strive to lower emissions by a greater magnitude than ever before.

Our workplace practices categorically focuses on saving energy. Our employees make sure they switch off the laptops, lights, fans, and air-conditioners when not in use. A major chunk of our emissions comes from air-travels, and we give special attention to make sure that we keep our emissions level as low as possible in this area. For this, we make sure that we optimally plan our travel. For conferences and business meets, we try to send employees located closest to the venue.

Although BSI is under no compliance obligation to track or report its carbon footprint, we are doing so entirely voluntarily. Through our practice, we’d like to encourage other firms to take up the exercise of monitoring and managing their carbon footprint. At the end of the day, every drop will make a difference.

About BSI

Boston Strategies International (BSI) is a consultancy firm that compresses the lead time and reduces the investment in major capital programs for oil, gas, and power operators through value chain cost engineering, targeted strategic sourcing, and supply contract negotiation. BSI operates through its offices at multiple global locations including USA, Turkey, India, and Columbia. BSI serves national and international oil companies, power producers and Gas Utilities, Wind and Solar power providers.

BSI carries out its business activities with utmost sensitivity towards environmental concerns, which forms a principle pillar of our business ethics and work culture. We deeply understand the magnitude and criticality of global warming, and want to do our best to contribute to the mitigation efforts.


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